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March 25, 2012
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        FoE: gun usage

Fallout: Equestria - Ideas on general gun usage


Usage in different races


Earth ponies

        Earth ponies have to rely on a mouth grip or a battle saddle on all weapons, since they have no means in lifting them in any other way.
        Mouth grips are mostly designed with the abilties of Earth Ponies in mind. They have no problem with the kick of the gun, since they are physically more powerfull and resistant then other races. They can handle every firearm up to a medium sized shotgun with ease, using a mouth grip.
        However, anything larger than that can only be handled with a battle saddle. Though most Earth Ponies could probably handle the kick, there would be a massive problem with balancing and aiming a gun that big.
        Battle saddles have the same controls as the mouth grips in the control bit. Although some individual ponies attach some special controls for things like ammo type change to it (for example Calamity).


        Most Unicorns don't have to bother about the size or the kick of a gun, as long as their levitation spell is strong enough to handle it.
        If their levitation spell is not strong enough however, the are forced to use the same techniques as Earth Ponies. Beeing physically weaker and less resistant reduces their ability, to carry heavier weapons, even further in that case.


        Enclave Pegasi mostly use energy weapons with nearly no recoil at all. Therefore, they can handle energy weapons around the same size as Earth Ponies are able in terms of conventional weapons.
        If they have to handle convential firearms however, they have the same problems as Unicorns do. They are also restricted in using larger mouth grip weapons in flight for aerodynamic reasons.


        Griffons have claws which work like hands, so they are practically able to use all weapons.


        Zebras undergo special training in weapon handling and use specially crafted weapons. They use most of their weapons with their hooves. There are no known cases of a Zebra handling a weapon bigger than a minigun or a shoulder operated rocket launcher, that would require a battle saddle.
These are some ideas on weapon handling in Fallout: Equestria.
I might expand it, if I get other ideas.
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blackmorn Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
Been thinking of a special weapon for cyber pony's with the eye enhancement aims where they look shoulder mounted or a large anti tank rifle thing worn on the back that they lower their head to fire.

Both these idea's came to me after hours of playing zoids on the gamecube.
SgtMuffin Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
In my side story, Before the End (it is down for revision and has been for quite some time, probably won't be up soon either) I had a way for earth ponies and zebras to fire weapons like they were humans, but I won't go into that if you are sticking with the mouth grip thing.
SgtMuffin Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
Okay, in my months of arguing about guns in FO:E I have always seen the argument of "Ponies are strong, gun kick is overruled, your argument is invalid." Now, this is stupid.
I can easily stand and hold onto a Minimi (m249 for you non-Aussies) LMG and fire it, now I don't loose control of the firearm, but my aim is impaired (and yes I have tried this), it is the same for ponies. There is a difference between being able to hold the gun and not drop it due to kick, and being able to control the fire due to kick. A pony would probably be able to hold a 12g semi-auto shotgun in it's mouth, but as soon as it fires a round, it will have lost control of the gun. Reasons: Firstly, the recoil would yank the head to one side impairing vision. Secondly, it would also feel like getting slapped every time, and if you have been slapped a few times in a row you lose your head pretty quickly.

First one: The recoil from the gun would pull you head to one side, and trust me, it would not be controllable. It is much harder to control a gun that is pulling to the side then straight up (I would know because every person who owned a gun just has to try shooting it 'gansta' styled once, and it just doesn't work), and because it is pulling to the side and it is attached to the ponies head, his/her eyes will be yanked off target, this means the pony will have to ring his head back to the target and find it again. Now you may ask why it pulls to the side, that is because the firearm in all of the concept art has the gun off set to one side of the handle and I have only seen one where it is directly in front, but then that brings up bigger issues.

Second one: When the gun goes off it will jerk the head to one side extremely quickly, like getting punch or slapped in the side of the face. This will cause the Vestibular system to go haywire because the liquid in it starts spinning around the loop it is contained in and your body doesn't know which way is up or down, left or right. This is heightened when you have nothing to focus on because you head has been jerked off of the thing you were previously looking at.

Both of these problems can also be fixed by a very simple solution. Every single firearm would need a shoulder stock of some sort. This means 9mm pistols, 12g shotguns, 50cal pistol, .22 pistol, ect.
This would reduce most of the head movement and shock caused by the recoil of firearms... but you will still get some, especially if you have them firing full automatic for a good 10 seconds or whatever.
latyle Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
That's why most artists depict mouth held weapons as being 'sideways' where the bit grip comes out to the side of the gun so the kick is up, not sideways. Though MisterMech likes to break that 'rule' with Blackjack's Vigilance (she holds it gangsta style if she isn't using her magic) The same can be done for any weapon up to long rifles. A sniper rifle would only need to be rested on something, or set up on a bipod, then steadied by a hoof, to be fired.

My Little Metro also addressed this issue in its own way, mounting side-arms and other smaller weapons to a special device that fits onto a ponies, head, the bit reaches down to their mouth and has several controls to eject magazines, draw slides, eject shells, etc as well as firing the weapon. There is also, if I recall correctly, a control to lower the weapon so an Earth Pony can slide a new magazine home, or reload new rounds into a revolver.
f1r3w4rr10r Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought about a shoulder stock, too. But that would mean, that the pony is only partially able to aim with moving its head. It would always have to turn its whole body around to aim. And since this is basically a design concept for a game mod, some sacrifices to realism have to be made in order to make it playable.
But I understand where you are coming from.
SgtMuffin Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
A stock doesn't have to impair aim, shoulder move quite well when they need too... also, if you have the pony moving it's head in game to fire a weapon you ware going to have some real difficult game mechanics when designing it.

I posted on the forum for a role in weapon conceptualization, I would love to help more with weapons.
f1r3w4rr10r Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I've seen that one. But it is not my decision to make.
Thanos-san Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I am going to point out that I think energy weapons have recoil. Assuming the magic behaves roughly like photons, then it would have recoil because despite being mass-less, photons have impulse (I think that's the english word for it...).
SgtMuffin Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
Energy weapons would not have recoil because a laser does not produce enough force to have an equal-opposite force large enough to overcome the weight of the laser module, let alone more then that to move the gun or the ponies head.
Plasma weapons on the other hand, depending on what real life design you go with, could have recoil, but as they are described in FO:E they are a fictional version that in our universe we have not been able to design. The version in FO:E is the one you see in old cheese 50's movies with the pointy steel cone surrounded by rings, and the way that all people (at least those who know something about energy weapons) is that it ionises the air around the cone then uses some sort of... thing, to propel the ionised air forwards, but this in a real life application is not really plausible because of the ionised air burning up almost instantly, the air not being able to be pushed by anything that is not physical, and that it would require a capacitor the size of a small house to do.
The other type of Plasma gun would be possible in our universe and was even looked into by a few different people. It is a Rail-gun, firing a steel or other high density metal rod which is ionised as it traverses the barrel of the rail-gun, but this would only eliminate two of the things that stopped the other design from working. It doesn't burn up instantly (although it is not just pure plasma hitting your target, they get half a superheated metal rod too), and it has a way to be propelled, all it is missing is again it needs a large capacitor to work (not as big as the one needed to ionise air), but this is FO:E and in FO:E they have lots of small energy crystals that could maybe hold this energy.

Okay... Now to post my rant about the actual OP.
Thanos-san Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Right. After I posted my comment, I realized that yes, while it would theoretically have a recoil, it would be much less due to not enough force pushing back against the heavy weapon.

Also, propelling ionized material would be easy, because ionized gass (for example) is very easy to affect with electric and magnetic fields. One can theoretically use an thingamajig similar to a gauss weapon to propel globs of ionized gas or liquid. I do not know if it would stay ionized for very long though.

Railgun ammunition, I.E. the metal pins, do not have to be ionized for them to work. It is enough that they are capable of leading electricity.
And, I'll have you know that railguns exist in real life. The only problem with them is that they deteriorate extremely quickly, because of the high-speed metal grinding against eachother. I believe the U.S Army has experimented with railguns.
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